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Hand Commentaries



Play some Hands on BBO

and get written and video feedback on how

each hand might be handled

Only available to Lou Hobhouse Bridge Club members

Member registration by email

Must include BBO name, email, real name, address and telephone

Sessions (12 or 18 random hands) £6 per person

No partner necessary

Useful videos:

Becoming a member on BBO 

Entering a tournament with, or without, a partner

Playing in a tournament 

Short demo  of video feedback

Play some Hands timetable
(search for louhob)

Tuesdays 4.30pm - 18 boards (just over two hours)

Thursdays 3.00pm - 12 boards (just under two hours)

Subject to change - check website

If you would like a regular evening session please email me

Video feedback demo.png
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